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Posted by Brasseur Advent on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 19:18:59

BERKLEY ASSIGNED RISK SERVICES PO Box 59143 Minneapolis MN 55459-0143 For Policy Questions 1-888-548-7431 Fax: 1-866-215-8118 [email protected] Olga Llamas 612-766-3606 [email protected] Stephanie Hyser 612-766-3654 [email protected]: For Claims Questions

BerkleyNet shall not be responsible for payments made in incorrect amounts due to the input of incorrect information by senders. In the event a transaction is credited to your policy and your financial institution reports to BerkleyNet there are insufficient funds to cover the payment amount, your policy may be cancelled.

BerkleyNet Assigned Risk 222 South Ninth Street Suite 2600 Minneapolis, MN 55402 All Other States: Fifth Third Bank Attn: 639830 5050 Kingsley Drive Cincinnati, OH 45227. Mailing Address (Not for Payment) BerkleyNet Assigned Risk PO Box 59143 Minneapolis, MN 55459. Accounting/Collections Mailing Address. BerkleyNet Assigned Risk Accounting

Claims Insurance protection is all about peace of mind in a claims situation. We consider it critical that a client interacts with a very limited number of experienced claims handlers who are familiar with both the policy and the client and who can ensure continuity in claims handling.

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Management told the department that they do not hire one-for-one and "if you like money, you will not like working here." The company is intentionally lean (understaffed) but the severity of it is astonishing. They may blame this on shrinking the Assigned Risk piece of the business, but even with that the underwriting department is starving.