Cpanel Phpmyadmin Login As Different User

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Cpanel Phpmyadmin Login As Different User

Posted by Brassel Adrienne on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 19:37:51

We recommend that you use the MySQL Database Wizard interface (cPanel >> Home >> Databases >> MySQL Database Wizard) to create your first database and user.; A database name may contain a maximum of 64 characters. Due to the method that cPanel & WHM uses to store MySQL database names, each underscore character requires two characters of that limit.

Step 4: Create Database User from PHPMyAdmin to create login a for database. So, in the above step, we successfully have created the Database, now its time to create a user for that. Click on the Privileges option given in the menu of PHPMyAdmin interface. Click on the Add user account.

Accessing PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login? July 19, 2018 June 27, I created crybit_phpMyAdmin db and crybit_phpAdmin user for testing purpose. I know what the username and password is. but it is different from the cpanel one. I have to access my database. maybe something like telnet?

To use phpMyAdmin outside of cPanel, you can install it on a Addon domain, a Subdomain, or in a sub folder of your website via Softaculous. Unlike the phpMyAdmin bundled with cPanel, when you access this installation you will have to explicitly log in with an existing database user.

Log into your cPanel and click on the phpMyAdmin option under the Databases section. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see various databases among other options. Expand the database for your website. Locate the user's section and click on it.

2 - Create new cPanel account Login through new account Change new cpanel. 3 - user password through "Change Password" And un-check Allow MySQL password change. 4 - Click phpMyAdmin from the new cpanel account and you will be asked for login info. 5- Type the login info of the created mysql user in step1.