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Posted by Boysel Adelia on Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 08:40:20

I hate guys who bite their lower lip when they dance. You know, because they think biting their lower lip makes them look cool. You know what I'm talking about.

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Hey, people people! My name is Cat. [Laughs] Sorry. I just thought of something funny. Um, okay. I've been watching a lot of people's video profiles here on The Slap and I've noticed that almost everyone does their profile either sitting up or standing up, so to be a little different, I'm gonna try mine sideways.

hi its Stevie and this is a blog All About Me post I am a boy i do a webshow called The Best Friends and I have 3 best friends Cody Kenzie Kate and live next store my house and I have a nice grandma Connie Raymond Email Her at [email protected] and I have a nice mom Ann Perry Email her at [email protected] and a bad sister Lauren Perry Email her at [email protected] and i have a GREAT

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